Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow = Stay warm inside = movies and teatime

Well the predictions came true.  We have snow in Seattle.  Some might be excited, others not so much, and I am perfectly content looking outside how pretty and white it looks while I stay inside keeping dry, warm, and cozy.

Things I like when I'm stuck inside.. Movies, Tea, cuddles, and if I had a fireplace I'd be in heaven but I don't so I pretend with candles.  So for those of you who are possibly cleansing or dieting for a new years resolution I HIGHLY recommend watch this excellent documentary  Of coarse I had to make me some juice about half way through because I know already how tasty it is!  So watch Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead on a cold winter day.

What else should I watch today?  Any recommendations?  Well I'm off to make some tea:)

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