Monday, January 9, 2012

35 Things to do this Year

Thirty Five Goals for 2012

  1. Travel to a new foreign country
  2. Travel to San Juan Islands or new WA town
  3. Travel to a new U.S. state
  4. Read a book a month or more
  5. Write in journal daily or once a week minimum
  6. Learn to sew
  7. Study a foreign language
  8. Do buckram yoga 30 day challenge
  9. Create new art
  10. Go on a hike somewhere new
  11. Go to the hot springs
  12. Cook a favorite Thai or Indonesian dish
  13. Bake something new
  14. Go to the bath house spa
  15. Paint kitchen shelf
  16. Run a half marathon
  17. Blog once a week
  18. Read at a coffee shop
  19. Paint the living room
  20. Paint footboard/headboard of bed
  21. Decorate bedroom
  22. Make a new friend
  23. Eat a new fruit/vegetable
  24. Travel somewhere solo for a vacation
  25. Practice and play guitar
  26. Create a Facebook page for work
  27. Take a class on a hobby
  28. Meet with an advisor at Seattle central about enrolling
  29. Take an educational class
  30. Play a new sport or activity
  31. Go to the top of the Space Needle
  32. Get a new camera and take lots of photos
  33. Volunteer at a shelter
  34. Reupholster 2nd chair
  35. Go to a new museum 
Thirty Four Goals for 2011

  1. Travel somewhere new in US.  √ Austin, TX
  2. Travel somewhere new abroad.  √ Thailand and Indonesia
  3. Learn to sew
  4. Paint on canvas.. 1/2√ for this one
  5. Practice spanish.  1/2√
  6. Buy running shoes and run more√
  7. Ride bike√
  8. Cook something with cactus
  9. Make business flyers self promotion
  10. Go to bath house spa
  11. Get massage√√  (got this one extra.. In Thailand!)
  12. Practice guitar
  13. Plan trip to Europe 1/2√
  14. Plan trip to Thailand√√√
  15. Make space in apartment for art projects 1/2√
  16. Paint shelf in kitchen
  17. Reupholster kitchen chairs 1/2√.. (Finished 1)
  18. Reupholster headboard/footboard 
  19. Read more books on crafting√
  20. Cook a thai dish.. (did not do but ate plenty:))
  21. Make something for Aunt Lori and send care package.. sadly she passed
  22. Write in journal√
  23. Finish Harry Potter series√
  24. Set more goals for work√
  25. Go hiking somewhere new in summer√  Cabin in Leavonworth
  26. Go to San Juan Islands
  27. Go to new museum√
  28. Go to top of Space Needle
  29. Get wood floors in living room√
  30. Go to coffee shop to read
  31. Go to remedy teas
  32. Plan trip for parents to visit√
  33. Bake healthy cookies√ (vegan brownies and macaroons!)
  34. Go to Vancouver and visit friends


MUY BIEN!!!!!!


  1. I love how many of these you accomplished--overachiever! I've got 10 on my list for the year and it ain't looking good....

  2. We all go at our own pace eh. You've got 11 months to go so that's plenty of time for 10 right;)