Friday, December 16, 2011

Thailand and Indonesia Adventure

It's been very busy since my return from my travels to Southeast Asia a week before Thanksgiving.  I would have tried to post earlier but I had a recent loss of my Dad's brother and my fun loving uncle Urbie.  It's always sad but we did celebrate his life.  Unfortunately he loss his battle with esophagus cancer on December 4th, 2011.

                                                       R.I.P. Uncle Urbie  Love you Always

Of coarse there was also Thanksgiving which I chose to celebrate at home with my big fat cat Earl since it was my first full day home in over a month..

So back to the travels!  How would I sum up in a word the beauty and intriguing culture and land of Thailand and Indonesia... Delicious, Genuine, and absolutely take you breath away Beautiful!  Ok that's more than one word but one word is not enough to describe a land of caring people, beautiful land, and absolutely delicious food.  So here are some photos to capture a few of the moments.

                                                                   1st meal.. So Good!!

                                                             Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn)

                                                    Breath taking Sunsets.. Above Ko Lanta

A couple questions everyone has been asking since I've returned...
1.  "Was a month long enough?"  Yes and no.  I was ready for my own shower and bed and different clothes but I was just starting to really feel comfortable in such a foreign land.
2.  "So was the food good?"  YES!!!!  Some of the best food I've ever had and one of the main things I miss.  I haven't had asian food since I've been home cuz I'm a little nervous it's just not gonna measure up but I think I'm ready or at least I want to try and make some of my favorite dishes at home.  Maybe that will be some of my next posts??

Well now I feel a little better getting something up since it's been forever except I just realized that my camera went kaput on my trip from the heat and humidity...  Xmas ideas for me...  New digital camera Please:)  Kap kuhn ka!  xoxo

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

To Yoga in Bali?

I have just finished reading a charming book by a local author here in Seattle Yoga Bitch.  It's about a one woman show and her journey through inner self life emotions and yes yoga.  She travels to Bali and studies for 2 months to become a yoga teacher and hopefully find herself a little along the way.

As you know I will be traveling here in two short weeks to the beautiful lands of Thailand and Indonesia on my own path to enlightenment or as I'd like to say sunshine tropical paradise!  I do dabble a tiny in yoga from time to time but I've mostly been biased to Bikram yoga.  And frankly one thing with yoga is that I am not flexible so that is one reason I like the heat in bikram style.  Of coarse if anyone knows me I like a challenge and I like something new and out of the ordinary.  Not to say I've never tried other styles because yes I have but I'm limited to my trials and my curiosity is starting to peak a little more on the idea.

So yes I will be going to Bali and do I yoga or not in Bali??

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Getting Ready for Travel Adventures!

So a little update and for those who don't know I will soon be traveling to Thailand and Indonesia!  I leave in 3 short weeks and 2 days.  I have been busy preparing for my travels and also work, work, work!  My list is getting shorter and with the help of some awesome buds who also like to travel I have saved a little money with not having to buy too much new things to make travel easier.  I thought of a travel blog but decided against it hence I will not be taking my computer on my adventure.  So if you'd like to stay updated I would recommend my Facebook or check back here in November hopefully for some updates!

Some of my preparations have been ordinary things and others are just me being anal and excited!

-Yes I got a few vaccinations.. Typhoid fever, tetnus, and flu.
-I have been working on my playlist for my Ipod so if you have any recommendations I'm all ears!
-Same goes for books..  So far I have my travel guide books and my new Journal (gift from friend, thanks Erica!).  Haven't decided on what to take for beach, train, and plane reads so let me know what you think?
-Backpack 1 month pre pack done
-Started Master Cleanse with Abby to help get my beach bod on
-Bikram Yoga is also helping along with some running
-Listening to Thai language cd's (very difficult language!)

That's a few of the things getting me prepared.  Let's hope I return from travels to update more;)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Wow it's JULY!

So is it just me or has this year flown by?  I seriously was corrected this month while I was still in the mindset that it was still June and my friend had to say "Ahhh It's July"!  Woops!  First off since we just celebrated our independence here are a few pics how my weekend went.

Yes there was a BBQ involved where they broke out the double dutch jump roping!  Fun to watch and brought back memories but I was not motivated enough to try and fail in front of a bunch of strangers.  The 4th was spent at my old apartment building where friends now live and we had a visitor from the neighbors kitty!  He was so funny with his smashed face and he would just climb in our friends window and be curious wondering around!  Haha I loved him!

So to catch everyone up I yes have been reading Harry Potter and am on book 6 and will probably finish tonight.  Yes I'm glad I finally decided to read and watch movie after each book.  They are fun and entertaining!  I also am planning a BiG trip this fall and will post more later when I feel I know more but let me tell you it will be AMAZING!!  Now that it's summer I am also getting back on that workout health kick!  Bikram Yoga, Running, Juicing, making hummus in my new blender, and hopefully getting out on that bike this week!  Let the hot summer days begin!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

June Gloom = Trip to the Great Outdoors

This morning instead of going for a run on this cloudy northwest morning I decided to try and do a little art.  I'm not happy with it but I must practice.  I realized that I really don't have a great set up to do at home in my little apartment but I also know what I will need to do to make easier for the next time.  So here is my little practice art piece dedicated to seattle on this cloudy morning.

As for the last weekend of June gloom I took an outdoor adventure to my friends cabin outside of the cute bavarian town of Leavenworth!  Wow so much fun and so beautiful!  And yeah can I just live in your cabin... house... aka "The Shire"?  So amazing and much needed.  Hiking, lake, fire, food, drinks, and friends!  Couldn't ask for more:)

June had some adventure but I'm so ready for full on Summertime in Seattle!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend or Bust!

So I don't have any pics loaded to post along with my ramblings so here is just a little update.  Tomorrow starts the festivities with some lady friends arriving from Austin Texas to celebrate birthdays and have a little fun in Seattle.  Also hoping from other ladies to visit from Canada and Denver!  And then it will be off to Viva Las Vegas for Punk Rock Bowling!!  Arrive Monday for bands such as Cock Sparrer and Agnostic Front to name a couple.  Staying at the Flamingo and so Tuesday will be recovering by their awesome pool!!  Then Wednesday it is off to AUSTIN TEXAS!!!  More music to be heard in this city for Chaos in Tejas to take place Thursday to Sunday!  I can not wait for all the fun in the sun hanging with awesome friends and listening to a ton of great music!!  And maybe just maybe I'll win a little extra spending money in Vegas:-)

Ok so I lied..  A couple pictures from the last couple of weeks.  First is me and my ol man on Easter Sunday while I was back home soaking up the sun.  Second is a wedding in Pikes Place Market.. I loved the umbrellas and the idea of a lovely spring wedding.  Third is a post card from Amsterdam that I had recently framed for a little decor.
Well that's all folks.  Have a fantastic weekend!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Fall into Spring!

So it has been a bit crazy lately!  Unfortunately I had to fly home Easter weekend for my aunt's funeral.  She battled a long, hard time with breast cancer and is finally resting in peace.. Bless her soul and R.I.P.  I have been so excited about spring but of coarse in Seattle we usually get teased with one awesome sunny day and then the rest are overcast with some showers:(  Oh well I will keep positive and do sun dances and pretend it is nice all the time:) 

So I decided to post a picture of my encaustic art piece even though I am not satisfied with it.  It was inspired by day of the dead in Mexico and since my aunt has passed I dedicate it to her in celebration of her life. 

Picture of grave at El Dia de las Muertos beach in Sayulita, Mexico.  One of my favorite beaches!!!

 Yesterday was one of those nice spring days so while I was having an amazing day I picked up these sunflowers to spruce up my apartment!

 Then while I was walking to the store I decided to stop at Value Village to say hi to a friend and rummage around.  I found a book by singer on how to sew, which I decided it better to have at all times instead of trying to get at the library since I am super beginner!  And I found this little treasure which reminded me of home back in good ol North Dakota.

So after my adventures yesterday I decided to reupholster my kitchen table chairs.  I was thinking it would be semi easy but of coarse I was in for a good work job.  I however will not be posting pics yet because I only finished one chair since I figured first chair was practice and second will see if I can do a little bit better...  We will see:)

Now off to read a book I received from my good friend miss Abby Jane and off to bed.  Goodnight and happy dreams to all!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Miss Fiona found her home!

I've received a blog give away yesterday and I love it!  Super cute custom chick, cookie cutters with recipe:)  I'm not the greatest baker but it motivates me to try as I do love experimenting and trying new things especially if it's more challenging the better.  Great day today so far!  Finished quarterly taxes, went to supply stores, and now off to hopefully get new running shoes and maybe some art supplies.  I am calling this an office day and need to schedule them into my schedule now since I really do not like doing work related stuff on my days off (you too Abby!).  One more work day tomorrow then happy weekend and hopefully it involves SUNShine!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Illustrated Ink

I'm also very excited that I won a give away of Fiona Chick from a talented artist!  Check out her stuff!

I also have a picture of a postcard of her design below that I want to incorporate into some art!  Fun Fun!!

Spring Inspirations

I've been busy this season so far!  To give a little update though one of my latest projects has been encaustic art that I highly recommend to anyone who wants to have fun with a new painting or project.  I would put a picture of my painting but well it's not quite finished.
Above also are two pictures I wanted to share... One of my friend's lavender farm and the other of her two beautiful daughters.  I can't wait to go hang out with them on Bainbridge Island on their beautiful land.  I especially can't wait to go this summer when lavender is in full bloom and work it into some projects!  Happy Day

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sweet beginning to a perfect ending

To start my day today I made a yummy juice... First I've had other than my lemonade drink from the cleans.  Tasted so good since I've been craving fruits and veggies like mad since being on the cleanse.

- 4-6 celery sticks
- 1/2 cucumber
- 1 whole lemon
- 1 apple
- 1-2 slices of ginger
- 6 kale leaves (I alternated 3 chard leaves and 3 lettuce leaves for this)
- stevia to taste (optional)

Picture is before shaken and mixed to drink and Enjoy!

Then while at work a friend brought me goodies to have fun playing with my new sewing machine!  Thanks Tyler..  Check out her blog Baby lux!

Last I get home to package in mail from a friend of more goodies!!  Books, post cards, and scented oil perfume:)  Thanks Abby... Check out her blog Abby normal!

My friends know me well.  Both included a little El dia de los Muertos because I love Mexico!!  I love my friends and the thoughtfulness given to me today has made me one incredibly happy girl.  Reminds oneself that giving is so much better than taking and a little random gift can bring more joy to ones life than they may realize.  Live... Love... Life

Monday, March 28, 2011

Out with the old.. In with the new and used

Wow busy day of running errands and thanks to my friend letting me borrow her car I got most all of it done!

1.  Sold clothes and get new light jacket with trade in!

2.  Sold old vhs tapes and books
3.  Went to beauty supply stores
4.  Go to salon and take supplys
5.  Pick up books at library

6.  Back to beauty suppy
7.  Off to Jo Ann fabrics
8.  Sell more clothes, donate rest and get summer tank with trade
9.  Meet accountant and do taxes
10. Go get sewing machine from ad on craigslist!!

Stoked to play with my new toy and learn how to sew!  Now for some reading and rest and back to work tomorrow and day 10 on The Master Cleanse!