Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sweet beginning to a perfect ending

To start my day today I made a yummy juice... First I've had other than my lemonade drink from the cleans.  Tasted so good since I've been craving fruits and veggies like mad since being on the cleanse.

- 4-6 celery sticks
- 1/2 cucumber
- 1 whole lemon
- 1 apple
- 1-2 slices of ginger
- 6 kale leaves (I alternated 3 chard leaves and 3 lettuce leaves for this)
- stevia to taste (optional)

Picture is before shaken and mixed to drink and Enjoy!

Then while at work a friend brought me goodies to have fun playing with my new sewing machine!  Thanks Tyler..  Check out her blog Baby lux!

Last I get home to package in mail from a friend of more goodies!!  Books, post cards, and scented oil perfume:)  Thanks Abby... Check out her blog Abby normal!

My friends know me well.  Both included a little El dia de los Muertos because I love Mexico!!  I love my friends and the thoughtfulness given to me today has made me one incredibly happy girl.  Reminds oneself that giving is so much better than taking and a little random gift can bring more joy to ones life than they may realize.  Live... Love... Life

Monday, March 28, 2011

Out with the old.. In with the new and used

Wow busy day of running errands and thanks to my friend letting me borrow her car I got most all of it done!

1.  Sold clothes and get new light jacket with trade in!

2.  Sold old vhs tapes and books
3.  Went to beauty supply stores
4.  Go to salon and take supplys
5.  Pick up books at library

6.  Back to beauty suppy
7.  Off to Jo Ann fabrics
8.  Sell more clothes, donate rest and get summer tank with trade
9.  Meet accountant and do taxes
10. Go get sewing machine from ad on craigslist!!

Stoked to play with my new toy and learn how to sew!  Now for some reading and rest and back to work tomorrow and day 10 on The Master Cleanse!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Day..

Oh how I love Saturdays!  Began bright and early and off to a lovely day at work.  It's so nice to love your job and I must say I'm pretty lucky that I have some awesome clients.  My day at work I also got to make one of my client's hair fun atomic pink!  Then off to library but they just closed.. so a little therapy shopping on my walk to the bus instead.  I scored a tank top, cute skirt with flowers, and a striped skirt for a steal of only $30!  Woot woot!

Then bus ride home to relax for tiny bit before I went with friends to local bar to watch some bands play.  I must say that I was lame and left early because 1. not drinking.  2. forgot ear plugs and 3. tired of standing all day.  Lame!

So that was my day and now off to la la land of dreams... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring clean Your body, Mind, and soul

 I am nearing the end of day 5 of "The Master Cleanse" with 5 more days to go. This is not my first time doing the cleanse and will not be my last.  After my first time with the cleanse I felt so amazing I thought I'm doing this every season.. 4 times a year!  Since then I have changed my mind because it's not always the easiest to be in the right mind set to do the cleanse.  That said 1-2 times a year is a more likely accomplishment.  It might not be for everyone but I find it simple to follow yet so satisfying that I highly recommend it!  And I do believe that in order to truly be able to endure the full cleanse that you need to be in the right mind set and it helps a great deal by reading the book.

The Master Cleanse Recipe - How To Make The Lemonade

Here's the recipe for making the Master Cleanse lemonade:

 * 2 Tablespoons of organic lemon juice
 * 2 Tablespoons of organic grade B maple syrup
 * 1/10 Teaspoon ground cayenne pepper
 * 10 oz of filtered water
That recipe is for a single serving of lemonade, and you should drink 6-12 servings a day. 
So get motivated and spring clean your body to jump start that summer swimming suit body! Do it!

Punk Flare

Now that it is officially spring we need to throw out the old and in with the new!  Of coarse that is to say that old styles always come back with their own flare so that said here was a little inspiration I received by "Kevin Murphey".

Don't forget fashion with studs and safety pins.

Kevin Murphey was inspired by Debbie Harry for the trust fund punk of today.

First Blog Ever!

So I've been inspired lately by friends to start my own blog.  Being completely new to this it may take me a while to get the hang of it so bear with me!  It's getting a little late and I frankly wanted to post my first blog before I went to bed so hope this works.  The first thing I will tell you about is my favorite buddy ever!  Meet Mr. Earl 

He's my number one cuddle buddy!  Super cute, big fat cat.  I'm sure you'll get to love him as much as I do!
So there you have it... post numero uno.  Stay tuned for more to come!