Saturday, September 5, 2015

Choosing the Nomadic Lifestyle

The Nomad

By definition being nomadic is "of, relating to, or characteristic of nomads" and/or "roaming about from place to place aimlessly, frequently, or without a fixed pattern of movement."  I wouldn't necessarily choose the words "aimlessly, or without a fixed pattern of movement" to describe my lifestyle.  As I would choose a phrase a little something more on the lines of "living where ever my heart desires." 

About a year ago, I decided to sell all of my personal belongings, give up my apartment aka my home, and chose to live a life traveling.  This sounds like something unimaginable or crazy to some of you, like a pipe-dream for others, and/or like an unattainable, unrealistic goal to the majority of you.  As for me... I made it my reality.  I became a Nomad, as some call it. 

This was a lot easier than it might seem.  However, don't get me wrong.  It was and still is in a sense one of the hardest things I've ever done.  To actually become homeless--kind of.  Am I actually homeless?  No.  I just make my home where ever I might be at the moment.  This could be in someone's home, a tent, a hostel, a van, or even renting my own studio for a month or two. 

Can anyone do this?  Yes.  Is it for everyone... No.

There are so many things I never thought would be so difficult before I ventured on this lifestyle.  Like--having to ask your friends if you can stay with them, or crash on their couch from time to time.  This is still one of the hardest things for me to do.  I usually don't have any trouble or difficulty, but I'm constantly deeply dependent on others for opening up their homes to me.  Which is extremely hard being an independent, yet open-minded female.  Yet, I've gotten really good at asking others for help and I'm extremely... EXTREMELY... Grateful!

I would not be able to live this lifestyle without the help and generosity of others.  Speaking of that, I've met some absolutely incredible people along the way.  This being one of the rewards living a nomadic lifestyle.  Beautiful people with beautiful souls.  People that inspire you to follow your dreams.  People that are so sweet, kind, and caring that I would do anything for.  Reminding us that there is so much love and kindness in this world if we allow ourselves open in receiving it.  That being said, I sign off for the day.  Besos y abrazos from one nomadic girl's heart to yours. 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Arriving to Mexico City

Day 1

I arrived for the first time in Mexico City at 12:30pm on New Years Eve, 2013... the day before my 37th birthday.  I was traveling by myself, a single female embarking on a new adventure.  I was nervous, excited, scared, and happy!  I had so much adrenaline going through me, I had no Idea what to do with it.  This was not the 1st time I've traveled alone, but it was all new experiences for me none the less.  I was going to one of the biggest cities in the world by myself, and I couldn't help being a little nervous, no matter how prepared I was.  I had to be on my toes and boy was I tired.  I flew a red-eye flight, from Seatac at 10pm the night before, layover in Atlanta, GA, landing in Mexico City at noon the next day.  Needless to say, I was lacking sleep upon arrival to this amazing, a bit intimidating international hub.

This trip was different for me.  "Why" you may ask, because  I was traveling as a student enrolled in two separate independent studies.  It was winter quarter and I did NOT want to be in Seattle.  So I did what any smart student should do... I studied abroad.  However, I was not studying abroad through any of the schools resources.  I researched other ways to find out how I could achieve a similar experience on my budget.  Studying abroad with the school was way too expensive for me, and so were a lot of the volunteer programs I found on the internet.  I couldn't understand why I should pay to volunteer.  Doesn't that take away the whole idea of "volunteering?"  In reality, we end up paying a lot of fees that go towards setting up the experience for multiple students or volunteers.  Which makes sense, if we don't want to take the time doing it ourselves.  However,  I figured I can, and should be able to do do this on my own.  So that's exactly what I did.  Hasta luego Seattle!

I decided to book a hostel prior to arriving in DF, since it was New Years, and I had no idea how busy things would be.  The hostel was located right behind the cathedral in the Zocalo, main square.  I highly recommend this hostel!  The staff was super friendly, helpful, and welcoming.

So I'm not only a female traveling solo, going to school at an age about 15 years older than the average student, but also, I'm staying at hostels for the first time in my life.  I've stayed at similar places in Asia, but I was with a buddy, and we shared rooms vs. dorms with bunk-beds.  Really... I'm 36, staying at a hostel in Mexico City for my 37th birthday, and on New Years??  What the hell am I thinking!  Haha... One might thing I'm having a mid-life crisis, but No Way is that the case.  If you know me, I love connection, traveling, and making shit happen.

Anyways, I arrived to one of the largest metropolitan cities in the world; safe and ready to celebrate!  VIVE MEXICO!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Work in Progress... Travel Blog


So many of you frequently tell me that I should start a travel blog.  Well... this is the first step per your request.  If anyone has any tips they would like to share, please leave a comment below.  I welcome any and all feedback.  I'm changing most everything on this site--slowly dedicating it all to traveling.  I'm a female traveler with many tips for being a female traveling solo.  Also, for all my fellow travelers, who need tid-bits of information helping them with things like; should I bring my ipad, iphone, laptop, camera, kindle...??  You get the picture.  Please be patient and please express opinions.  Gracias y Hasta luego!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The 5 C's for Life

Hi and Good Afternoon!

Lately I feel that my mind gets distracted or I lose my focus.  I've had something on my mind for a while now and I think it's time for a change.  In the past when I get this feeling where I need to create excitement in my life, I would up and move to a new city!  No better way than completely removing all comfort from my life and putting myself into a whole new scene.  Right?

Well I've been trying to change that with fulfilling my life with other exciting hobbies and adventures.  I love to travel and have been doing plenty these last few years.  But the time when I'm not traveling I still get this urge to create and change.  So I need to focus and maybe do the thing that I've been fearing the most...  Can you guess it?

I was turned on to this site Zap Oracle from a friend of mine and here was something we should all try and do and especially, ME!
"The Complex Personality knows how to integrate a variety of experiences into its overall experience, making the dullest moments interesting.  Being in Flow leads to Complexity for when you experience Flow, you want to experience more of it and construct you world to pull you irresistibly towards experiences within the Flow.  Focus on these to craft you world:

1) Clarity - Know what you want to do in you life every day.  Have clarity of goals, listen to feedback and adjust yourself to the feedback you receive from the world.

2) Center - You are in Balance.  Your goal is to focus, to know how to avoid distractions, to become at one with what you're doing, with all of your attention under your control.

3) Choice - Knowing there are a variety of possibilities around you that you're not determined by outside events but have choice and can move within it.  Whatever you do, you do "at Choice".

4) Commitment - Care for what you're doing at all times.  Remain conscious of what you care about.  Commit to it.

5) Challenge - Keep upping you challenges as you master a certain level.  Always make life more challenging."

I'll leave you with that for the day and I hope you are challenging yourselves every day!  

                                              (Me at summit of awesome hike!)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I almost vanished! 3 Months Recap

I will start with Italy.  I have to say that "I Love Italy"!  Everything was amazing and I will return someday.  Highlights will be short since this post is overdue.  The history and the culture will blow your mind.  I loved the architecture and all of the churches and little towns, some with walls around them!

 Of coarse the food, coffee, and the Vino!  Never had a bad espresso or coffee anywhere!  Even the gas stations or cheap hotels had amazing coffee.  The food is divine and I loved getting a carafe of wine for $5 euro!

And, of coarse, the people and culture!  So fun and sweet and charming.  I love Italy!!

Next couple months were kind of a blur thinking back..  May and June.  I may have to come back to them and also do a more dedicated post of travels.

July started with a spontaneous trip to my favorite...  MEXICO!

I finally went back to Playa Del Carmen to kick start my summer!  It was filled with sunshine and amazing beach time and beautiful friends.  I love you Playa!

So this is a very short and sweet recap of the last few months.  How has your summer been so far?  Unfortunately I failed on my goal for my blogging, however I will start over again and try to catch up and succeed for next year.

Happy rest of summer to you!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


In just two short days I will be off to ITALY for the first time in my life!  I'm very excited and still have a lot to do so even though I have been slacking and I still need to update after my return from Iceland, I promise I will recap both wonders of the world when I return.

I'm looking forward to seeing my brother and his family and enjoying the history, culture, WINE, espresso, GELATO, and Pasta a'more!  

Bon Voyage!

Have you been?  Where is your favorite place and memory?  

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday Bliss

Saturday, today, was a lovely day.  Do you ever have one of those weeks where it's literally a painful start and ends pleasantly blissful?  That was my week this week and as I write this I feel so calm, loved, beautiful, and accepted.

I don't want to bore you or complain about my life so let's just leave it as my week started with terribly painful tooth issues.  Only thing I will elaborate on is that I threw away my peppercorn.  No more fresh ground pepper for this lady!

So as the week ends with a full work day and an appointment with my tax accountant needlessly to say I did not expect it to end so pleasantly.  Work was awesome, with a little help from the sunshine bursting through the windows!  And my taxes are done and I'm still happy!  Yay!

Now I get to look forward to this...  

Next Sunday I will be off to an island that most people don't think twice about.

As it is now only a week away I am getting quite excited for my little adventure!  Iceland is one of the volcanically active places in the world that offers a ton of natural beauty from glaciers and geysers to the awaiting mineral rich, geo-thermally heated BLUE LAGOON!

So this might be the last post possibly till I return but who knows maybe I will say Bon Voyage in my next one:)

How was everyone else's week?  Anything exciting for your last couple weeks of winter?  And don't forget next weekend is DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME!  Yay!!  Longer days await:)