Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The 5 C's for Life

Hi and Good Afternoon!

Lately I feel that my mind gets distracted or I lose my focus.  I've had something on my mind for a while now and I think it's time for a change.  In the past when I get this feeling where I need to create excitement in my life, I would up and move to a new city!  No better way than completely removing all comfort from my life and putting myself into a whole new scene.  Right?

Well I've been trying to change that with fulfilling my life with other exciting hobbies and adventures.  I love to travel and have been doing plenty these last few years.  But the time when I'm not traveling I still get this urge to create and change.  So I need to focus and maybe do the thing that I've been fearing the most...  Can you guess it?

I was turned on to this site Zap Oracle from a friend of mine and here was something we should all try and do and especially, ME!
"The Complex Personality knows how to integrate a variety of experiences into its overall experience, making the dullest moments interesting.  Being in Flow leads to Complexity for when you experience Flow, you want to experience more of it and construct you world to pull you irresistibly towards experiences within the Flow.  Focus on these to craft you world:

1) Clarity - Know what you want to do in you life every day.  Have clarity of goals, listen to feedback and adjust yourself to the feedback you receive from the world.

2) Center - You are in Balance.  Your goal is to focus, to know how to avoid distractions, to become at one with what you're doing, with all of your attention under your control.

3) Choice - Knowing there are a variety of possibilities around you that you're not determined by outside events but have choice and can move within it.  Whatever you do, you do "at Choice".

4) Commitment - Care for what you're doing at all times.  Remain conscious of what you care about.  Commit to it.

5) Challenge - Keep upping you challenges as you master a certain level.  Always make life more challenging."

I'll leave you with that for the day and I hope you are challenging yourselves every day!  

                                              (Me at summit of awesome hike!)