Thursday, June 30, 2011

June Gloom = Trip to the Great Outdoors

This morning instead of going for a run on this cloudy northwest morning I decided to try and do a little art.  I'm not happy with it but I must practice.  I realized that I really don't have a great set up to do at home in my little apartment but I also know what I will need to do to make easier for the next time.  So here is my little practice art piece dedicated to seattle on this cloudy morning.

As for the last weekend of June gloom I took an outdoor adventure to my friends cabin outside of the cute bavarian town of Leavenworth!  Wow so much fun and so beautiful!  And yeah can I just live in your cabin... house... aka "The Shire"?  So amazing and much needed.  Hiking, lake, fire, food, drinks, and friends!  Couldn't ask for more:)

June had some adventure but I'm so ready for full on Summertime in Seattle!