Friday, April 15, 2011

Miss Fiona found her home!

I've received a blog give away yesterday and I love it!  Super cute custom chick, cookie cutters with recipe:)  I'm not the greatest baker but it motivates me to try as I do love experimenting and trying new things especially if it's more challenging the better.  Great day today so far!  Finished quarterly taxes, went to supply stores, and now off to hopefully get new running shoes and maybe some art supplies.  I am calling this an office day and need to schedule them into my schedule now since I really do not like doing work related stuff on my days off (you too Abby!).  One more work day tomorrow then happy weekend and hopefully it involves SUNShine!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Illustrated Ink

I'm also very excited that I won a give away of Fiona Chick from a talented artist!  Check out her stuff!

I also have a picture of a postcard of her design below that I want to incorporate into some art!  Fun Fun!!

Spring Inspirations

I've been busy this season so far!  To give a little update though one of my latest projects has been encaustic art that I highly recommend to anyone who wants to have fun with a new painting or project.  I would put a picture of my painting but well it's not quite finished.
Above also are two pictures I wanted to share... One of my friend's lavender farm and the other of her two beautiful daughters.  I can't wait to go hang out with them on Bainbridge Island on their beautiful land.  I especially can't wait to go this summer when lavender is in full bloom and work it into some projects!  Happy Day