Sunday, September 25, 2011

Getting Ready for Travel Adventures!

So a little update and for those who don't know I will soon be traveling to Thailand and Indonesia!  I leave in 3 short weeks and 2 days.  I have been busy preparing for my travels and also work, work, work!  My list is getting shorter and with the help of some awesome buds who also like to travel I have saved a little money with not having to buy too much new things to make travel easier.  I thought of a travel blog but decided against it hence I will not be taking my computer on my adventure.  So if you'd like to stay updated I would recommend my Facebook or check back here in November hopefully for some updates!

Some of my preparations have been ordinary things and others are just me being anal and excited!

-Yes I got a few vaccinations.. Typhoid fever, tetnus, and flu.
-I have been working on my playlist for my Ipod so if you have any recommendations I'm all ears!
-Same goes for books..  So far I have my travel guide books and my new Journal (gift from friend, thanks Erica!).  Haven't decided on what to take for beach, train, and plane reads so let me know what you think?
-Backpack 1 month pre pack done
-Started Master Cleanse with Abby to help get my beach bod on
-Bikram Yoga is also helping along with some running
-Listening to Thai language cd's (very difficult language!)

That's a few of the things getting me prepared.  Let's hope I return from travels to update more;)