Friday, April 15, 2011

Miss Fiona found her home!

I've received a blog give away yesterday and I love it!  Super cute custom chick, cookie cutters with recipe:)  I'm not the greatest baker but it motivates me to try as I do love experimenting and trying new things especially if it's more challenging the better.  Great day today so far!  Finished quarterly taxes, went to supply stores, and now off to hopefully get new running shoes and maybe some art supplies.  I am calling this an office day and need to schedule them into my schedule now since I really do not like doing work related stuff on my days off (you too Abby!).  One more work day tomorrow then happy weekend and hopefully it involves SUNShine!!


  1. I took Janne from Norway to check out Blick art store right next to your house (holy crap) I'd be in SO much trouble if I lived that close to is SO damn awesome!!!! xo

  2. Omg I know! I just went there too and spent lots of $$!