Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I almost vanished! 3 Months Recap

I will start with Italy.  I have to say that "I Love Italy"!  Everything was amazing and I will return someday.  Highlights will be short since this post is overdue.  The history and the culture will blow your mind.  I loved the architecture and all of the churches and little towns, some with walls around them!

 Of coarse the food, coffee, and the Vino!  Never had a bad espresso or coffee anywhere!  Even the gas stations or cheap hotels had amazing coffee.  The food is divine and I loved getting a carafe of wine for $5 euro!

And, of coarse, the people and culture!  So fun and sweet and charming.  I love Italy!!

Next couple months were kind of a blur thinking back..  May and June.  I may have to come back to them and also do a more dedicated post of travels.

July started with a spontaneous trip to my favorite...  MEXICO!

I finally went back to Playa Del Carmen to kick start my summer!  It was filled with sunshine and amazing beach time and beautiful friends.  I love you Playa!

So this is a very short and sweet recap of the last few months.  How has your summer been so far?  Unfortunately I failed on my goal for my blogging, however I will start over again and try to catch up and succeed for next year.

Happy rest of summer to you!


  1. oh my gosh that looks so beautiful! italy is an amazing country! welcome back!

  2. I think Italy & Mexico are great excuses for not blogging :)

    That pizza looks amazing.

  3. Thanks guys! And yes they are good excuses but I hate excuses and I get on a kick of being a "yes" woman to everything but doesn't tend to last too long and then back to good ol' excuses :)