Thursday, January 26, 2012

Juicing and Juicers

So I have been juicing a ton lately and loving it!  My big question of the day though is...  Which juicer produces the most juice?  I feel like from reading other blogs and books that I may want to invest in a new juicer but then I think well I have one already and it works fine so do I really NEED another juicer?  I have a Jack Lalanne and really have no major problem with it other than yes it can be a pain to clean sometimes, I don't have a dishwasher, and if it produces the most bang for the buck?  As you know juicing can get expensive at times with buying fresh fruits and vegetables but trust me..  It is worth it!  Juicing is so healthy for you and if I had more time right now I would babble on and on and tell you why.  Or you can watch Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.

So for all of you juicers, cleansers, and anyone with an opinion...  What is your favorite juicer and why and what is your favorite juice recipe?

Happy Juicing!

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