Friday, February 17, 2012


This last weekend was jam packed with lots of first times!  Starting off with an interesting night going to see "Cold Cave" at the "Electric Tea Garden".  It was the first time I'd ever been to this place and a great excuse to check it out was to go see "Cold Cave" perform live for the second time.  The place was small and intimate which I loved and very close to my home.

Also went to a new place on Saturday night called "Primo".  Little spot on 1st hill in the bottom of an apartment complex.  Old style charm equals pretty chill little hidden spot.  I did not try the food but would return for drinks sometime.

Third, went to see a silent movie at the "Harvard Exit".  First time at the theater and first time seeing a silent movie at the movies.  All was a great experience and I really liked the Harvard Exit.  Can't wait to return.

So it was a happy firsts this last weekend.  Let's keep it going!  Have a good weekend everyone and have you been able to cross any firsts off your list yet this year?  I'd love to hear about them!


  1. Sounds fun! I love when new neighborhood places open up. I'm making sure this year is full of lots of firsts. This month I visited Madison, WI for the first time and discovered that it's a pretty cool little town with good vegan food and an awesome record store dedicated mostly to metal. A few more firsts that are coming up soon are: visiting Austin, TX, getting my certification in my specialty at work, and running a half marathon with my mom and sister.

  2. Metal record store sounds pretty cool for Madison! I went to Austin last year for a First. You'll love it. Are you going for music festival or anything in particular? What I loved was every bar/restaurant has a patio! I may go again this year but not sure yet. What's your specialty? And running a 1/2 marathon is on my list too but I'm not doing too well on that one yet:/

  3. We're going for Chaos in Tejas. I've heard so many good things about Austin! So excited! I'm getting my CNOR (certified nurse operating room).

    1. That's why I went last year and I want to go this year too but depends if I'll have the funds or not. If I do we'll have to meet up! A bunch of people will be going from here. Normally get a hotel close by. I've got friends living there too. You know where you're staying? Or what tickets you're getting yet?