Tuesday, October 4, 2011

To Yoga in Bali?

I have just finished reading a charming book by a local author here in Seattle Yoga Bitch.  It's about a one woman show and her journey through inner self life emotions and yes yoga.  She travels to Bali and studies for 2 months to become a yoga teacher and hopefully find herself a little along the way.

As you know I will be traveling here in two short weeks to the beautiful lands of Thailand and Indonesia on my own path to enlightenment or as I'd like to say sunshine tropical paradise!  I do dabble a tiny in yoga from time to time but I've mostly been biased to Bikram yoga.  And frankly one thing with yoga is that I am not flexible so that is one reason I like the heat in bikram style.  Of coarse if anyone knows me I like a challenge and I like something new and out of the ordinary.  Not to say I've never tried other styles because yes I have but I'm limited to my trials and my curiosity is starting to peak a little more on the idea.

So yes I will be going to Bali and do I yoga or not in Bali??

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