Thursday, May 26, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend or Bust!

So I don't have any pics loaded to post along with my ramblings so here is just a little update.  Tomorrow starts the festivities with some lady friends arriving from Austin Texas to celebrate birthdays and have a little fun in Seattle.  Also hoping from other ladies to visit from Canada and Denver!  And then it will be off to Viva Las Vegas for Punk Rock Bowling!!  Arrive Monday for bands such as Cock Sparrer and Agnostic Front to name a couple.  Staying at the Flamingo and so Tuesday will be recovering by their awesome pool!!  Then Wednesday it is off to AUSTIN TEXAS!!!  More music to be heard in this city for Chaos in Tejas to take place Thursday to Sunday!  I can not wait for all the fun in the sun hanging with awesome friends and listening to a ton of great music!!  And maybe just maybe I'll win a little extra spending money in Vegas:-)

Ok so I lied..  A couple pictures from the last couple of weeks.  First is me and my ol man on Easter Sunday while I was back home soaking up the sun.  Second is a wedding in Pikes Place Market.. I loved the umbrellas and the idea of a lovely spring wedding.  Third is a post card from Amsterdam that I had recently framed for a little decor.
Well that's all folks.  Have a fantastic weekend!!

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